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Surfside Cellars

Visit & Taste

Surfside Cellars Vineyard Our winery sits high on a San Diego cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Armani brothers share a beautiful estate near the border of Solana Beach and Del Mar. It was the success of their first batch of Deepwater Chardonnay that allowed them to purchase their dream property in 2003. Many people warned them that they would not be able to produce quality grapes so near the ocean in Southern California. But the Armani brothers developed an innovative wind screening device that directs moist flow above and around their vines. The sea mist that does land on their grapes contributes a unique depth of flavor to all of their wines.

Whereas most wineries pride themselves on hard work and dedication to quality, we try to achieve the highest quality possible while surfing every good wave that rolls in. That means that sometimes things don’t happen when they should. For example, in 2004 we harvested a week late because one of the best swells in years happened to roll in. Our grapes were overly ripe by the time the swell died down. Yet, our 2004 vintages became our most prized ever. We believe that it is our laid back attitude that makes our wine so good